How to choose a leather jacket?

How to choose a leather jacket?

The leather bomber jacket is a comfortable, practical and simply indispensable thing in everyday life. A leather jacket is a piece of clothing that is bought “not for one year”. Despite the fact that in your wardrobe there may be several models of jackets, all of them must be of high quality and have a long service life. Leather jacket – this is a reliable protection from rain and snow for every day, and the original addition of an evening wardrobe, and causing “ammunition” of an inveterate biker. Today we will tell how to choose not just a quality jacket, but also a jacket that matches your style and daily needs.

Place of purchase and manufacturer

Today everything is much simpler and more accessible you can choose a leather bomber jacket men both in the clothing market and in a specialized store. Here, customer opinions diverge many believe that only stores offer genuine leather goods, others are not afraid to make such an expensive purchase in the city’s markets.

Skin quality

There are many ways to verify the authenticity of a leather product, but not all of them are applicable when choosing and buying a bomber jacket leather. Below we describe the most simple and reliable methods.

How to choose a leather jacket?

  1. Attach a warm palm to the surface of the jacket – if the skin is natural, you will feel the warmth of the material. If you do it with artificial leather, it will remain cold to the touch.
  2. Put some water on a small area on the surface of the jacket. Genuine leather should absorb moisture and change its color to darker. Leatherette does not absorb water.
  3. Pay attention to the hem of the jacket – it is untreated and slightly rough in genuine leather, and smooth in an artificial one.
  4. The skin surface should be smooth and smooth, without wrinkles and deformations. The material in the armpits and pockets on the elbows should be strong, as in these places the skin tends to be rubbed off.
  5. Nail gently scrape the surface is the skin of good manufacture should not peel off and there should not be scratches on it.
  6. To check the quality of painting and protective water-repellent impregnation, take a light piece of cloth, lightly wet it and rub the leather surface. The fabric should not stain.

It is worth noting that today jackets made of leatherette or so-called pressed leather are very popular. Although these materials have a strong external resemblance to natural leather, they do not have high quality characteristics. When choosing a mens leather bomber jacket, you should be careful, because today manufacturers are very skillful at the appearance of artificial leather, you can often make a mistake by buying a fake.